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Providing good quality financial advice that encompasses the immediate and future needs of clients is nothing new to discerning financial advisers. Having the ability to provide evidence of client-centric advice, moves from being best practice to an absolute necessity, so it has never been more important to partner with the right people.

The act of having a legally valid Will can save thousands of dollars in estate administration fees and reduce the time to settle an estate by an estimated fifty percent. Wills go hand in hand with the products and services offered by financial advisers i.e home ownership, insurance, growing families, business ownership, investing, increasing assets, and retirement.

At Footprint, we take the responsibility of looking after your clients seriously. We understand when you refer your clients through to us, we are also representing your brand, business and standard of professional quality. We never lose sight of this and work hard to create superior products, services and experiences.

There are a number of benefits to you and your clients by choosing to work with Footprint;


  • Protect your clients and their whānau
  • Add value through our unique packages
  • Support your new business opportunities
  • We tailor solutions to suit different business needs
  • Reporting to help you keep track of your client requests

Your Clients

  • Access to a quick, jargon free, solicitor approved platform 24/7
  • Discounted Wills, because they were referred by you
  • Access to industry expertise and support
  • Helpful service consultants to answer questions and support as required
  • All Wills are reviewed by a professional Will Drafter
  • Access to special offers on other estate planning services

Working with us is easy!

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I have been referring my clients to Footprint as a Financial Adviser for a number of years now. In that time (and after over 100 client referrals) I have never received any negative feedback from a client. Common comments I receive are about how fast the process is; how convenient the online system is to work with; and how friendly and helpful the Footprint staff are when calling their 0800 number. All around a 10/10 experience for myself and my clients.

Paul de Klerk
Paul de Klerk & Associates