The Wellbeing revolution is over, it’s time for evolution

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Influencing change with real people and having real impact.

The increasing focus on employee Wellbeing.

The importance, relevance and benefits of a well-structured employee Wellness programme is nothing new to discerning employers.

Over the last five years we have seen the definition and breadth of Wellbeing expand and diversify at a rapid pace.

It is therefore not surprising to see the increasing number of service providers and programmes now available in this space. To those that are interested, there is an enormous amount of material available to help employers design and execute their Wellness programmes. To download Aons recent white paper on the 2019 Asia Pacific Employee Wellbeing Study click here.

With these programmes now having been around for a while, employers have had time to trial, learn, adapt and embed their initiatives. However, the story doesn’t end there, as employee needs and expectations continue to change, so must Wellness programmes. Again, not as easy as it sounds, ask anyone that's in charge of their company programme and they are likely to tell you that they're being asked to achieve more with less. It therefore makes sense that we start to see more digital solutions enter the scene.

By now history has also shown us that there are limited benefits to be had with one off Wellbeing events and that tangible results are more likely to come from investing in programmes that focus on increasing knowledge and influencing behaviour change.

This is where Footprint Connect comes in. Click here to learn more about Financial Wellness.

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