Get a Will and go to Hell pizza


What’s the worst that could happen…?

A Will is important for anyone over the age of 18. It’s especially important if you:
■ Are in a de facto or married relationship, or
■ Have a KiwiSaver account with  $15,000 or more in it, or
■ You’ve recently bought a house with your partner, or
■ Have children under the age of 18.
Over 88% of Kiwis know a Will is important, but the biggest barrier for not getting one done is apathy, So we thought we would give you a little incentive.
For a very limited time, when you get your Footprint online Will, we will send you to Hell… to claim your FREE DOUBLE SIZED PIZZA! – Away with you apathy!!




Think you know what happens to your stuff if you checkout without a Will? Think again! Here are the most common misconceptions out there...

"My partner will just automatically get everything…"

Ahhh nope, it’s not quite that simple but it’s a common misconception. The ONLY time your partner would receive all of your assets is if you have joint ownership across all your assets, OR if you have no parents, children, siblings, or grandparents. Anything held in your partners own name, like insurance or Kiwi Saver will not necessarily all go to your partner. That one usually surprises people.

"I don’t have enough assets to warrant getting a Will"

…Have you considered what happens to your Kiwi Saver account? If it has more than $15k in it then it crosses the legal threshold - meaning those savings are bound by the Law which dictates who gets what, and how much.
How about all your digital stuff (photos, videos, and important documents, social media accounts, iTunes…)? All of these are considered to be assets, and without a Will these accounts will be near impossible to access by family or friends.