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What we’re about

Go to Netflix anytime of the day and you’ll find all sorts of stories. Some of these are based on actual events, others are inspired by them, and some are pure imagination. The greatest stories stick with us...

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Leave Your Mark charity campaign

At Footprint our intent is to show that by looking after the people we care about today, we can create a better tomorrow for others. Because we stand behind what we believe in, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and donating 5% of everything we earn to charity.

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Estate administration. It’s time for a new chapter...

The process for charging a fee for ‘settling’ a person’s estate has been common practice since the middle ages (that’s right, since the fall of the Western Roman Empire!).

About estate fees
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Our estate administration package

What is included in the Perpetual Guardian Footprint estate administration package? Whether your family is big or small, and scattered around the corners of Aotearoa. Perpetual Guardian (PG) will locate and liaise with your next of kin following notification of your passing away...

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